Nobody's Born Sexist

Nobody's Born Sexist

The Neuroscience Behind the Pitfalls of Power

Rewiring sexual harassment training in the workplace

Nobody is born sexist.

As babies, future high-paid executives don’t exit their mothers' wombs as fully developed creeps. People don't come into this world thinking others exist for their exclusive pleasure, and to be sure, no child, no matter how terrible at two, dreams of going to jail on harassment charges. 

If people become biased or choose to engage in high-risk behaviors at work, something happens to change them. Scientists know what that “something” is and in this lively and federally-compliant series Dr. John Medina spills the beans. 

Learn what power does to brains and behaviors, what evidence-based solutions exist to prevent sexual harassment, and what legal guardrails protect us all. 

This cognitive neuroscience-based training finally gives you the how and the why of sexism and the tools you need (whether employee, boss, bystander, or trainer) to birth a better 21st-century live, learn, work, and play environment.

Enjoy these two intro videos on the house. The second one is ideal for those interested in booking Dr. Medina for a speaking engagement through his speaker's bureau.

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