Nobody's Born Sexist: A Federally-Compliant Sexual Harassment Training Course (V 2021)

Nobody's Born Sexist: A Federally-Compliant Sexual Harassment Training Course (V 2021)

Medina Scientific International
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Sexism and sexual harassment are behaviors mediated by the brain. Any sexual harassment training without neuroscience at its core sadly misses the mark and is ultimately ineffective.

This ground-breaking neuroscience-based training finally gives you the how and the why of sexism and sexual harassment. It is federally-compliant and an important supplement to any non-evidence-based training you use. It is approximately two hours long, is broken up into nine entertaining and informative chapters, includes short T/F quizzes on the content, and provides a certificate of completion.

View the two intro videos on the home page for an introduction to the topic by Dr. John Medina, a universally-loved author and speaker and developmental molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in human brain development and the genetics of psychiatric disorders. 

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Nobody's Born Sexist Chapter Titles (2021 Version):

1 - A Perfect Storm
2 - Energy Conservation
3 - The Ultimate Aphrodisiac 
4 - The Boys' Club
5 - Practical Solutions
6 - More Practical Solutions
7 - Supremely Federal
8 - Behaviors and Remedies
9 - Odds and Ends